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TAGS:mea berachos
Halacha - meah brachot
Submitted by anonymous  Answered by Rav Peretz Moncharsh
Answer: Generally speaking one may only count berachos he says himself, however there are circumstances where one may be lenient. Even this, the Tur and Bach hold, only applies to a beracha that is specifically instituted for a public gathering and does not include, for example, Birchos HaShachar. See also Mishna Berura 46:14 where it is clear he only relies on listening under circumstances where there is no other way of reaching the total of 100. The Pri Megadim he quotes is also only referring to the shaas hadchak of a fast day where we lose out on the berachos of eating and it is difficult to reach the total. Harav Sholom Zalman Auerbach is quoted in Halichos Shlomo in footnote 43 as making it clear that hearing is only a possibility if you are fulfilling your obligation, not just listening to someone else make their own personal beracha.
posted:2009-09-17 12:12:31

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