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Section: Questions   Category: Halacha
TAGS:kiddush  wine
Halacha - Brocho
Submitted by dovid  Answered by Rav Peretz Moncharsh
Question: A person is yoitzai kiddush on shabbos but doesnt drink any wine at the time of kiddush- would one need to make a brocho on wine or grape juice 5 minutes later or does simply hearing kiddush( and not drinking) take care of the brocho for him??
Answer: If someone drinks no wine at kiddush, he must make a beracha of borei pri hagafen when he drinks wine later even after hamotzi, as wine is not covered by the beracha on the bread.
posted:2009-08-10 16:14:26

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Rabbi Peretz Moncharsh, 2009-08-15 13:35:04
No, they are covered by the beracha of hamotzi since most drinks are considered to be part of the meal and their purpose is assumed to be to wash down the food.
A.R., 2009-08-10 17:48:47
Would he have to make a bracha on other drinks as well,since he never drank wine to begin with?
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