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Halacha - Gift for Aveil
Submitted by Yosef  Answered by Rav Peretz Moncharsh
Question: Greetings Rav, May the parents of little girls in a Gan send an end-of-the- year gift to the Gannenet who is an Avelah for her mother (within 12 months)? Is there a way to permit giving the gift by stating that it is in return for the great job she did during the year (making it like a form of payment and not a gift)? Thanks!
Answer: The Divrei Malkiel writes that one may give mishloach manos to the Rav on Purim even when he is an aveil because it is considered paying an obligation and not a gift. Since it is generally accepted that parents are expected to give the ganenet an end of the year gift, the same Halacha would apply and it is permitted even without any explicit specification.
posted:2009-07-04 16:06:00