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Section: Questions   Category: Hashkafa
Hashkafa - gemara
Submitted by michael gray  Answered by Rabbi Tzvi Frank
Question: how come r shach was so against learning few blatt and learning slow yet in all the yeshivas in america they learn about ten blatt in an entire winter zman who are we to argue with the gado, hador and he said to learn at least 2 blatt a week biyun

Hi Michael,

I believe the answer to that question is that American Roshei Yeshiva feel/felt that intellectual stimulation is imperative to keep today's American youth within the walls of the bais medrash. They are not arguing whether R' Shach's derech halimud is correct. Indeed, they themselves grew into the Roshei Yeshiva that they have become through Rav Shach's m'halach. The question is, with today's environment in America, is learning with the "correct" derech enough to prevent our bochurim from seeking their intellectual stimulation elsewhere? Eis laasos L'Hashem!

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posted:2008-04-22 14:53:53

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Anonymous, 2008-04-27 12:58:00
Rav Nissan Kaplan who is a talmid of rav shach told me that R.Shach only said that because he felt people were not getting enough sipuk in their learning.

but rav shach himself agrees that heavy iyun is the real chasivus in learning

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