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Halacha - s.c. oven solves milching/fleishing/parve problem?
Submitted by anonymous  Answered by Rav Peretz Moncharsh

Theoretically one could change between all 3 with a self-clean cycle un between. However there are two issues to deal with. First of all according to many opinions the self-clean cycle can only serve as kashering if it reaches a temperature of at least 900-1000F. While American self-clean ovens do get thus hot, I have heard that the European ones do not. Additionally the Magen Avraham points out a very practical problem that if one changes the status of a utensil from milk to meat, he could easily become confused where it is holding and use it for the wrong use. Therefore he rules that one may not change from meat to milk and the opposite without other considerations, and this is the Ashkenazi minhag. I don't know if Sefardim accepted this chumra, but it certainly seems like a very legitimate concern.

posted:2009-04-02 14:03:09