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Money Matters - noise from neigbours
Submitted by moshe  Answered by Rav Yehonoson Hool
Answer: According to Halacha, in most circumstances a person may not make noise in a residential area that will disturb the neighbours. However, normal household activities at acceptable hours are certainly allowed. If the neighbors are making unacceptable levels of noise, they are obliged to either stop immediately or to provide adequate noise-reducing insulation.

However, whether the noise level is indeed unacceptable or not is impossible to judge without investigation and hearing the other party's viewpoint.

If the houses are built with inadequate insulation there may be room for a claim against the builder, but usually there will be no claim against the neighbors, unless the noise they are making is above and beyond the level of noise of regular household activities.
posted:2009-03-13 09:35:00