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Money Matters - Shadchan payment
Submitted by anonymous  Answered by Rav Yehonoson Hool
Assuming that Mrs Frankel actually contacted the girl (or her parents) to put the suggestion to her, and Mrs Perl contacted the boy (or his parents) to suggest this shidduch, Mrs Frankel, who suggested and gave information about the girl, and Mrs Perl, who suggested and gave information about the boy, share the Shadchanus, half each.
All those in between did not serve as shadchanim but merely passed on a name.
As with all the answers given on this site, this answer should not be construed as a Psak Din, since both sides have not been given an opportunity to give their side of the story, and so the answer given is for general guidance only. If the others feel that they deserve some shadchanus, they should approach a Dayan or Beis Din together with the parents, for a definitive ruling.
posted:2009-02-16 13:35:43