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Halacha - Sukkah Roof - Schach
Submitted by Alex Rose  Answered by Rav Peretz Moncharsh
Question: We have a pergola type sukkah on the mipesit [balcony]. The wooden slats needed to be fixed to the wooden beams. Safety is a major issue owing to the high wind potential. Everything about the sukkah is halachically correct outside of quaetioning the use of small screws to secure the wooden slats [schach] to the beams. It is impossible at this stage to rework or add to the slats. Is there a hetter to deal with this difficult matter. If you have any questions on the construction, I shall gladly answer same.
Answer: The wooden slats that support the sechach may be screwed down. While there is a chumra to avoid using metal to support the sechach even indirectly, a chumra should not lead one to do anything potentially dangerous. However the sechach itself should not be permanently attached to the walls, and doing so would render the sukka invalid. A better alternative would be to lay a couple of heavy, wooden beams on top of the sechach to prevent it from blowing away.
posted:2009-02-14 19:44:50