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Section: Questions   Category: Miscellaneous
Miscellaneous - Mah Nistana in Yiddish
Submitted by morrismerlin  Answered by Revach Editor
Question: I need a copy of the four questions before Pesach.I am a secular Lubavitz Yeshiva living in Germany.Yiddish dissapeared here during the Holocaust and i have forgotten what my parents had taught me.A ganze megilah.i need the 4 questions in Yiddish if at all possible.If you can do this for me please send it as a pdf. Peace,Moshe Chaim(Morris

Reb Moshe,

I will take a stab at it if you promise not to laugh.  Please pardon the spelling.

Tatte zisse ich vil dir fregen de fir kashis

Varvus iz de nacht fun Pesach anderish fun ale nacht fun a gantz yuhr

Di ershte kashya iz
Ale nacht fun a gantz yuhr essen mir sai chometz un sai matza uber di nacht fun pesach essem mir nuhr matza

Di tzveiteh kashya iz
Ale nacht fun a gantz yuhr essen mir aleh surt greentzveig uber di nacht fun Pesach essen mir nuhr bitereh greentzveig

Di driteh kashya iz
Ale nacht fun a gantz yuhr tunken mir nisht ein afilu ein muhl uber di nacht fun Pesach tukem mir ein tzvei muhl.  Ein muhl karpas in zaltz vasser un eim muhl moror in charoses

Di firte kashya iz
Ale nacht fun a gantz yuhr essen mir sai zitzendik un sai ungelaint uber di nacht fun Pesach essen mir nuhr ungelaintetz

Yetzt tatte zisse enfert mir bitte de fir kashis

 There you go.  Enjoy.  Wishing you Ah Kusherin Freilichin Pesach!


posted:2008-04-17 14:04:44

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