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Section: Questions   Category: Halacha
Halacha - shalosh ha'regalim
Submitted by Ekka  Answered by Rav Peretz Moncharsh
Question: last year i wasd a student in israel and i was there for the shalosh ha'regalim, and my rabbi told me that because i was there for all three of them, that i did not have to observe chag sheni. this year i am also in israel, for all of the shalosh ha'regalim. suddenly i had to come home (for passover) and i will be returning for shavout. i am aware that i will have to observe chag sheni during passover, but while i will be in israel for shavout will i need to celebrate chag sheni? and yes i do have plans to make alyiah in the future.

Generally speaking the important deciding factor is: are you still a "chutznik" or are you "Israeli". This has nothing to do with your citizenship, but is more a state of mind have you commited to stay or not. Therefore, a student in a one year program is usually considered to still be a "chutznik" and keep two days even if you have plans to make aliya at some time in the future, because now you are still a "chutznik. Most Rabbis would apply this even to someone who happens to be in Israel, but there are some who hold that is suficient to be present for all 3 chagim like your Rabbi. Someone who has more concrete, immediate plans to make aliya might keep one day even if they happen to find themselves in chutz l'aretz. Some Rabbis tell anyone who is supported by parents in chutz l'aretz to keep 2 days beause they cannot decide absolutely to stay in Israel if their funding was cut off.

The bottom line is that the halacha depends very much on each individual's personal situation, and if you already have a Rabbi who knows you you should ask him.

posted:2008-04-16 22:09:49

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