Section:  Avodah   Category: 13 Middos
Tomer Devora Midda 2: Nosei Avon - The Victim Bears His Assailants Punishment

The reason the 13 middos are such a powerful tool for us to receive Hashem's mercy is because they are all about tolerance. These 13 middos and the idea of tolerance are fundamental to the whole creation. The whole idea of creation was to test mankind to see if he will follow Hashem's will. The setting for this test requires Hashem to hide his presence and create an illusion that there are other powers besides him. The first midda described Hashem's tolerance to create a world where people can go against his will using his power (see Midda 1).

The second midda says the Tomer Devora shows even greater tolerance. After a person chooses to use his G-d given power to rebel against Hashem, theoretically at that point he should be branded a "loser" and destroyed on the spot since each aveira creates a Malach of destruction. This Malach needs to constantly destroy in order to exist. Hashem should really hold the sinner responsible to sustain this malach which would mean all his destructive power would reign down on the sinner causing him to die. Nevertheless Hashem sustain all these Malachei Chavala and waits patiently for the sinner to do teshuva. With the pain and tears of teshuva we can give the Malach what is owed to him and then he disappears.

This midda is called "Nosei Avon"; Hashem carries the burden of our aveiros that were committed against Him. From here we learn, says the Tomer Devora, that when someone causes us harm, even if it is ongoing, we should still not be upset with him and continue to be kind to him, suffering silently and waiting patiently until he fixes the damage.