Section:  Avodah   Category: 13 Middos
Tomer Devora Midda 1: Chesed - The Epitome Of Tolerance

"Mi Kel Kamocha", who is a force like you?  We cannot even lift our hand or utter signs without Hashem's express authority for every movement. Yet when we open our mouth's to speak Lashon Hara, Hashem keeps the power charge flowing and allows us to continue to spew forth words that cause untold damage to the physical and spiritual worlds that He created us in order for us to perfect. Why not just pull the plug? Shouldn't Hashem say, "I give you power to do what I want. If you want to do something against my wishes find your own source of power" (which of course there is none.)

Hashem provides us with life and the power to do, both, His calling and to rebel against His will if we choose, without discriminating between the two. Because of this midda the Malachim call Hashem "Melech Ne'elav" The insulted King.

To emulate Hashem we need to tolerate other people, both people that we cannot control and even our kids and people who we can control. Not only tolerate, but also to shower them with kindness in return for their insulting words and demeaning behavior towards us.