Section: Moadim   Category: Elul-Tishrei
Rav Shimshon Pincus - This Rosh HaShana, Journey To Places Far Beyond

All the Yomim Tovim are compared to limbs of the body. Rosh Hashanah, as its name implies, is compared to the head. Rav Shimshon Pincus points that while all the limbs of the body are bound by the laws of physics, the mind is limitless. He cites the Rambam in Moreh Nevuchim that says when a person thinks about Hashem he is actually with Hashem. A person's mind can take him anywhere he wants to go even beyond the physical world all the way up to the Kisei HaKavod. Each Yom Tov we can achieve certain attainable qualities inherent in the nature of the Yom Tov. These qualities can improve us beyond what we already are. On Rosh Hashanah we can get it all; we can build ourselves anew. We do not need to live with who we already are.

From where does this power of Rosh Hashanah come? Rosh Hashanah is the day that the creation of the world was completed. The six days of creation were "Yesh MeiAyin"; something from nothing, pure creativity in its truest sense. Everything that seems new and innovative since the time of creation is just a reconfiguration of powers that already exist in the world. Each year on Rosh Hashanah that power of creation is refreshed and the world is create anew. As people we are also created anew. It is a chance to instill in ourselves ideals and reach goals beyond what our character and personality is capable of. We just need to believe that it's possible and decide to act the role.