Section: Moadim   Category: Elul-Tishrei
Elul: Shela HaKadosh - The Lion Roars!

The Shela HaKadosh brings down from tzadikim of previous generations that the Pasuk "Aryeh Shoag Mi Lo Yirah"; when the lion roars who is not afraid, is a Siman for the Yomim Noraim and the Days of Judgement. The word Aryeh has the letters Aleph, Reish, Yud, Hey which represents Elul (Aleph), Rosh HaShana (Reish), Yom Kippur (Yud), and Hoshana Rabba (Hey) the day when our fate is handed out to the Malachim to carry out. The lion's roar of these days is a sign for us to be afraid and do Teshuva.

Teshuva he says is an acronym for the various ways we show our remorse. Tuf - Taanis, fasting; Shin - Sak, wearing a sack cloth; Vuv -VaEfer, ashes; Bais - Bechia, crying; Hey - Hesped, mourning over our aveiros.

The letters of Elul we all know stand for "Ani LeDodi V'Dodi Li"; I am to my beloved and my beloved is to me. The last letters of each of the 4 words is Yud with the numerical equivalent of 40. This represents the 40 days from Rosh Chodesh Elul until Yom Kippur that are a special time for Teshuva.