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Rav Yehonoson Eibshitz Doesn't Know Where He Is Going

One day Rav Yehonoson Eibshitz was walking to Shul when the powerful ruler of the region, with whom he had often conversed, met him in the street. The ruler had great respect for the brilliant mind of Rav Yehonasan. Upon seeing Rav Yehonasan the ruler asked him where he was going. Rav Yehonasan replied that he didn't know. Assuming he didn't hear the simple question, the ruler asked again. Once again Rav Yehonasan answered that he didn't know.

The ruler, thinking he was joking around, got very angry with Rav Yehonasan and threatened to throw him in jail if he continued to play games with him. Rav Yehonasan apologized deeply for the ruler's impression that he was making fun of him, but nevertheless told the ruler that he didn't know. Incensed, the ruler immediately summoned his guards and had Rav Yehonasan taken to jail.

The next morning the ruler came to visit Rav Yehonasan in jail and said to him, "Rav Yehonasan, I don't understand you. You are an intelligent, upstanding, and honest person and I am certain you were not on the way to any illegal activity. Why would you make a laughing stock out of me and have yourself sent to jail rather than tell me where you were going??"

Rav Yehonasan replied "My presence in this jail is precisely the reason why I couldn't tell you where I was going. I set out for morning services in the local synagogue, but, I ended up in jail. I can only tell you where I am intending to go but as to where I am really going, only Hashem knows and apparently he had other plans for me."

As the Yiddish expression says "Ah mensh tracht un Gut lacht" loosely translated to "If you want Hashem to laugh share your plans with him."  Do You Know Where You're Going????