Section: Moadim   Category: Sefiras Ha'Omer
Day 2 Wed Night/Thurs - Gvura Shebi’Chesed

Hayom Shnei Yamim La(Ba)Omer - Gvura Shebi’Chesed

Bein Adam Lamakom - Think about all the negative and frightful things that you see happening to you and around you (Gvura). Understand that this all comes from Hashem's kindness (Chesed) as part of his master plan that is ultimately all good. Come to love Hashem (Chesed) through his might (Gvura).

Bein Adam Lachaveiro - When doing a favor for someone (Chesed) make a brutally honest assessment (Gvura) of your intentions and understand the real and not superficial benefits to the beneficiary.