Section: Moadim   Category: Hagadah Shel Pesach
Ha Lachma Anya: Rav Eliyahu Dessler - Celebrating Freedom With Poor Bread

Matza is called poor bread as it is as basic as can be, made simply from water and flour. Why do we celebrate with poor bread on the night we are celebrating our freedom from slavery?

Rav Dessler says that the fact we left Mitzrayim with just matza to eat and the fact that we slept at night in simple huts, in a Succah, was not a product of our difficult circumstances. It was not because we were on the run and in a desert. It was because Hashem created for us the ideal situation. Nothing is beyond the capability of Hashem and He could have provided us with mansions along the way, with fine food and good wine. Our poor bread and simple huts were our plight because nothing could have been better for us!

We were chosen to be a Holy nation, that means exhibiting and apathy for worldly pleasure and becoming driven and exhilarated by spirituality. "Yaeh Aniyusa LiYisrael", poverty is befitting of Jews. "Lo Nitna Torah Elah L'Ochlei Mun", the Torah is only give to those whose diet is the heavenly Mun. Only those who are nourished by spirituality can absorb Torah properly.

Maybe the continuation of the Hagadah is following through on this thought. "Kol Dichfin Yeisei V'Yeichol", all those who are hungry should come and eat. We are not attached to our food and are able to give it out to those in need with a happy heart. "Kol Ditzrich Yeisei V'Yifsach", whoever needs should come and partake in Korban Pesach, in our spiritual feast.

Hashata Hacha, this year we are still in the galus of gashmiyus. Next year we should be zocheh to be in Yerushalayim and live heavenly lives on earth. Hashat Avdei, this year we are slaves to our desires. LaShana HaBa Bnei Chorin, next year we should be free people, soaring unchained from our physical impulses that misguide us.

The whole purpose of freedom from Mitzrayim was to receive the Torah. "Ein Licha Ben Chorin Elah Mi SheOsek BiTalmud Torah", only someone whose life is all about Torah is a truly free man. Just like our ancestors over three thousand years ago, as we embark on our journey towards freedom on the Seder night, we begin by preparing our food for the journey. Matza the free man's bread.