Section: Hanhagos   Category: Kulam Tzadikim
Avraham's 10 Tests, an Approach to Life

Avraham was the father of our nation and Chazal teach us, "Maaseh Avos Siman LaBanim", what happened to our forefathers foretells what will happen to us. We put a lot of stock into every detail of Avraham's life as portrayed in the Torah, and we see how it is played out over and over again in our history. On an individual level Avraham instilled in our genes many wonderful traits. Most common among them is the Middah of Chesed and the ability to give our lives for our faith.

There is another aspect of Avraham's life that can give us the strength to pull through our darkest hours and biggest challenges in life. Avraham was given ten difficult tests and when he passed them all, Hashem declared that He now knows that Avraham is a Yirei Elokim. This was an amazing honor for Avraham to achieve.

Although I haven't seen it brought down anywhere, maybe as children of Avraham, in life we have ten tests we need to pass. When we pass those tests, Hashem will declare for all the Heavens and earth to hear that we, yes plain simple us, is a Yirei Elokim. While we are not Avraham Avinu, each one of on our own level faces many challenges in life. If we clear the hurdles, we made it!

We can't know what those ten tests are, and there are certainly many things we must do in between, but if we look at each big challenge we face in life as one of those opportunities to move to the next level, it will harden our determination as we don't want the opportunity to slip away.

We should all be zoche to answer Chazal's challenge to us, to ask ourselves, "Masai Higiu Maasai L'Maasei Avosai", when will my deeds reach the level of the deeds of my forefathers. When will we be confirmed as a Yirei Elokim?