Section: Daas Torah   Category: Pearls Of Wisdom
Rav Binyomin Finkel: Zchus Avos, Zchus Banim, A World Apart

Upon making a Shiva visit to the young orphans of a Chashuveh Rov, the scion of a prominent Rabbinic family who tragically passed away at a young age, the Tzaddik Rav Binyomin Finkel conveyed to them the following thought.

In this world, children of prominent people often get away with many things that other people do not get away with. They get a free pass on their father's coattails. This concept is called Zchus Avos, the prestige of the father covers over the wrongdoing of their children. But that is only in this world.

In the next world when a person comes before the Heavenly throne for judgement and is found lacking, if he dare argue that his father was a great tzaddik it will only incriminate him further. How can the son of a tzaddik, who should know better, act improperly?!

In the Olam HaEmes what carries weight is Zechus Banim, the merit that a father earns from the Mitzvos and Maasim Tovim of his child. Every mitzva a son does, elevates his father higher in Gan Eden, as he has a stake in all of his son's actions, since he raised him.

As we near the end of the Galus, and B'ezras Hashem we will merit Techiyas HaMeisim very soon, orphans will be united once more with their dearly departed parent. When father and son meet again, the father who was elevated in Gan Eden thanks to his son will embrace his son with tears of joy, while the son who disappointed his father and caused him pain in heaven will not be able to face his father.