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Nishmas Kol Chai: Sustaining Us Through a Bull Market

Shabbos morning we say the moving piece, Nishmas, where our hearts burst forth in appreciation for all Hashem does for us. Among other things, we thank Hashem for feeding us through famine, saving us from the sword, sparing us from plague and disease. Curiously we thank Hashem that "B'Sava Kikaltanu", for supporting us during times of abundance. Feeding us in times of recession is truly something to be thankful for, but how does sustaining us during boom times rival that?

A businessman was once on the way to the most important meeting of his life. The meeting was to be held in a fancy hotel in the middle of Manhattan. He knew parking would be a problem. He silently prayed during the entire drive that Hashem would help him find a parking spot and not cause him to be delayed. Just as he nervously pulled onto the block of the hotel, a parked car moved out of the spot directly opposite the hotel. As he triumphantly maneuvered his car into this premium spot, he looked up to Hashem and said thanks for Your ear, but I already found a spot myself!

Earning a living is gift from Hashem, even in times of prosperity. Each individual has his own fate and destiny, no matter how high the stock market rises. One must be thankful to Hashem for only he provides us with sustenance even in the best of times. If you don't believe me, surely you can ask the unfortunate, to whom the good times have totally passed them by.

No matter your plight and no matter the economic outlook, a Jew must always be thankful Bira'av Zantanu U'BiSava Kilkatanu!