Section: Daas Torah   Category: Agados HaShas
Rav Aharon Kotler - Hashem Looked in The Torah and Created... Fingers!

The gemara in Kesubos (5b) asks why did Hashem create man with hands that are split into fingers? The gemara answers that the pinky is to measure the correct size of the Choshen Mishpat. The ring finger is to perform Kemitza on a Korban Mincha. The index finger to measure Amos in the Bais HaMikdash. The pointer to wipe the blood of a Korban Chatos on the Mizbei'ach. Lastly the thumb is for the Mitzora to complete the process of his Tahara.

Is the gemara's question to be taken at face value or is there some mystical riddle hidden in this engmatic question? Without fingers we couldn't do anything in this world. We wouldn't be able to live or do any mitzvos, so what is the gemara's intention?

Rav Aharon Kotler (MiShulchan Gavoa - Parshas Vayikra) says that indeed the gemara meant, what it asked and what it answered, quite literally. "Histakel B'Oiraisa U'Bara Alma", Hashem looked in the Torah and created the world. Our existence in the world through the work of our hands is simply the product of having fingers for the mitzvos the gemara mentioned. Had we not needed a pinky for the Kohen's Choshen Hashem would have made the dynamics of the world in a completely different manner to conform to the limbs that the mitzvos require.

For example we don't need cloting to keep us warm anymore than the animals. We need clothing to wear Tzitzis and to avoid Shatnez. Nothing that we see in nature needs to be that way. Hashem is far more creative than that and, it is only the Torah that dictates every detail.

We have a tendency to see the world upside down, confusing the objective with the incidental. The nature of the world is so ingrained in us that it is hard to accept the truth of something as simple as the shape and size of our fingers. May Hashem bless us with Sechel HaYashar and let us see His world the way He made it!