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Rav Shteinman Reveals How To Make The Wealthy Disappear
Rav Dov Yaffe (LiAvdecha BeEmes) relates a story duringa trip to England by Rav Aharon Leib Shteinman to raise funds for Kollelim. In walked a very wealthy man and asked Rav Shteinman why is it that we need so many boys and men learning in unprecedented numbers that no generation has ever had?

Rav Shteinman responded with his own question. Why, he asked, do we have unprecedented wealth in the Frum community?  Why in previous generations there were only a handful of truly wealthy people, while today we have an incredible amount of people with enormous wealth?

Without waiting for an answer Rav Shteinman answered his own question. I will tell you why we need so much wealth, because we need to support the masses who have dedicated their lives to learning. If less people chose to learn Hashem will no longer need to make so many wealthy people.