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Rav Itzele Blazer - Praying For Help

The gemara (Succah 51) say that the Yetzer Hara is so powerful that without Hashem's help we could not overcome him. This is almost incomprehensible. If we are put in this world to fight the Yetzer Hara how could it be that without divine intervention we are destined to lose? Isn't the whole point of Bechira that we can, and must, win?

Rav Itzele Peterburger (Kochvei Ohr 9) explains that our mission in this world is to recognize Hashem in every aspect of our lives and make ourselves totally dependent on His help. When it comes to material help it is clear to us that we are powerless. After being around a little bit in this world, everyone with at least one eye in his head knows beyond the shadow of a doubt that Parnassa, health, and children are all the domain of Hashem alone, and all our effort cannot change anything.

However when it comes to Ruchniyos, spiritual survival and growth, humans are born with bechira or choice. We can choose to do the right thing or we can choose to do the wrong thing. We are like Hashem in that respect. Given this a person will naturally come to view himself as independent of Hashem regardless of whether he chooses right or wrong. This goes against everything Hashem wants for us for our own good. It creates a separation between us and Him. Therefore Hashem created a Yetzer Hara that we cannot fight on our own. In order to win we must once again turn to Hashem and connect ourselves to Him through tefila, begging for assistance in this unwinnable battle. True we have a choice but even if we choose the side of good, we still need help and we will get it if we daven.

Often times we see both in our own and in our children's lives that everything is going wrong. At every turn we are hit with bad "luck", driving either us or our children from the course we've chartered. Things seem to spiral out of control and we have no way out, a the Yetzer Hara has us bound and gagged. Left on our own devices we are doomed to falling through the abyss. Yet there is one place to turn, to Hashem. Just as Hashem set the table for our downfall, so too can he orchestrate our salvation. No situation can't be undone with a few good moves on the chessboard. We can suddenly hear the magic words of inspiration, "find" the right mentor, or catch some other "lucky" break for a change, and just like that we pull ourselves out of the mud.

What's most heartening is that while we watch others fall and we think we are powerless to help, according to Rav Itzele's words this is completely wrong. If the key is Tefila and the other person has fallen too far to even daven for himself, we can can do it for him. Don't sit back and cry tears that fall to the ground. Send them up, and with these tears Hashem can very quickly turn things MeiAfeila L'Orah from darkness to light, U'Mishibud L'Geula and from being a trapped and lost soul to being free to soar. You can set the spark that will ignite a brilliant glow thar rises from the ashes.