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Parshas Vayakhel: Why The Men's Donations Were Higher Than The Women's

The pasuk describes (Vayakhel 35:22) the rush of people bringing their donations to Mishkan as, "Vayavou HaAnashim Al HaNashim". This literally means above the women, but Rashi explains this to mean together with them. If so why does the Torah use this awkward language instead of saying together with them?

The Shanayim Mikra brings from Rav Tzvi Hirsch Chossid a talmid of the ViIna Gaon as follows. The gemara (Brachos 34b) tells us that the level of a Ba'al Tshuvah is even higher than a Tzaddik Gamur. We know that the women did not participate in the Chait HaEigel and did not give over their jewelry for the cause. The building of the Mishkan and the donations made were a Kapara for the Eigel. Therefore it was the men who were doing tshuvah with their donations unlike the women who already proved to be righteous. As Baalei Tshuva the men's donations were viewed as being higher than the women's. This is hinted at with the word "Al".