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Parshas Mikeitz: Rav Shamshon Rephael Hirsch - King of Mitzrayim and No Letter Home?

Yosef was the favorite son of Yaakov, who had spent 20 years mourning Yosef's disappearance. Could Yosef HaTzaddik not have figured out a way to get a message to his dear father Yaakov that he was alive and well? Furthermore when the Shevatim stood before Yosef in Mitzrayim, should he not have jumped on the opportunity to put the misery and mystery behind all of them already?

Some say that Yosef needed to see his dreams played out, as they were nevuah. However Rav Shamshon Rephael Hirsch dismisses that notion as that is Hashem's job and Yosef surely understood that his job was to do the right thing and leave the Nevuah to Hashem while was occupied mending the torn hearts.

Rav Hirsch answers that Yosef wanted to end the split in the family caused by the Shevatim's misinterpretation of his ambitions. The Shevatim were afraid of Yosef's ambitions from the day he told them of his dreams. However Yosef's intention was never to rule over them, only to play his decreed role in Am Yisroel according to the Ratzon Hashem with complete modesty, love, and respect for his brothers.

Had Yosef revealed himself as the King of Mitzrayim before the Shevatim felt remorse and before he proved his modesty and his intentions not to harm them, he would have set the clock back twenty years with nothing changed, other than he proving he was indeed ambitious and superior just as the brothers feared. This would have given Yaakov no comfort even with the additional piece of information that Yosef was alive.

Only through the slow painful process conducted by Yosef, with incredible wisdom and modesty, was he able to achieve the right atmosphere to bring his brothers close to him and reunite the family that was meant to build Klal Yisroel as one nation united.