Section:  Avodah   Category: Chanoch L'Naar
Parshas Toldos: Ben ish Chai - Yitzchok's Love For Eisav

Was Yitzchok actually fooled by Eisav's exterior Tzidkus as the pasuk seems to indicate? Certainly not, says the Ben Ish Chai. Yitzchok knew exactly what Eisav was all about. So why does the Torah single out his love for Eisav over Yaakov, as opposed to Rivka who loved Yaakov?

The Ben Ish Chai teaches us two important lessons in Chinuch from Yitzchok's attitude. He says that Yitzchok loved Eisav for the two reasons that written in the Pasuk (Toldos 25:28). First "Ki Tzayid B'Fiv", because all of Eisav's tzidkus was merely to impress his father. Although Yitzchok was not at all taken in by this show, nevertheless he showered Eisav with love in response, on order that Eisav should at least outwardly act the part. Had he unmasked Eisav, Eisav would have no reason play the game and would act like the Rasha that he was. Yitzchok wanted to salvage what he can.

The second reason Yitzchok showed love to Eisav, says the Ben Ish Chai, is because of the end of the pasuk, "V'Rivka Oheves Es Yaakov". Rivka did not play any games. She loved Yaakov the Tzaddik and was happy to give him all her love at the expense of the despicable Eisav. Because of this, Yitzchok was afraid that if he too would outwardly favor Yaakov, Yaakov's life would be endangered as Eisav would seek revenge. Therefore Yitzchok balanced Rivka's love for Yaakov with his own love for Eisav.

Raising children is not easy, and much thought and Daas Torah needs to be put into not only our actions but our emotions as well.