Section: Parshas HaShavua   Category: Life Lessons
Parshas Toldos: Reb Yeruchom - Eisav Was No Ordinary Bum

The Kotzker Rebbe said that if Eisav were to walk into the room and we didn't know who he was, we'd think he was the Gadol HaDor. The L'Sitcha Elyon brings other interesting Mekoros to this idea. Reb Yeruchom of the Mir says that Eisav must have had some incredible qualities, for his father to have loved him. "Chalila for us to think Yitzchok erred."

The Vilna Gaon writes in a Chad Gadya in the Hagaddah that had Eisav received the Brachos the Shevatim would have come from him. The Seforim HaKedoshim say that Eisav's head was buried in Meoras HaMachpela because intellectually he was a great man. The Chida goes as far as saying that Eisav's mind was one thousand times greater than Yaakov's!

Reb Yeruchom says Eisav's downfall was that he felt his place was in the field rather than in Yeshiva. They both spent time in the field and in Yeshiva, but when Eisav was in Yeshiva his mind was in the field and Yaakov was the opposite. "This attitude," says, Reb Yeruchom, "is the fine defining line between the greatest Rasha and the Avos HaKedoshim."