Section:  Avodah   Category: Olam HaTorah
Pirkei Avos - Rav Zemele Volozhin Waits for the Music

The Mishna in pirkei Avos (4:7) says "Kol HaNeheneh MiDivrei Torah Notel Chayav Min HaOlam", whoever enjoys for himself Divrei Torah is taken from this world. The literal understanding is that if you use Torah for your personal use you have used the Kings crown and deserve to die.

Rav Nachman of Breslov has an interesting twist B'Derech Drush. He says anyone who truly enjoys learning Torah knows what Heavenly pleasure is and removes himself from all earthly pleasure. Materialism no longer speaks to him.

The Yeina Shel Torah tells the story of Rav Zemele Volozhin who came to town because his brother Rav Chaim was making a wedding. Rav Chaim wanted his brother to enjoy so he told him he would send over the band to his room to play some music for him.

The band entered while Rav Zemele was deep in torah thought, but they thought he was just sitting there waiting for them since he had no sefer opened before him. They began to play and got really lebedig with Rav Zemele sitting before them.

After they left Rav Chaim came in and asked Rav Zemele how he enjoyed. Rav Zemele told him that the band did not arrive yet! Rav Zemele was lost in another world and didn't even here the ruckus before him!