Section: Galus & Geula   Category: Moshiach
Rav Yehonoson Eibshitz's Little Chick Takes On a World of Big Chickens

"How will the Jews, even with their Moshiach, overcome all the mighty rulers of the world bent on their destruction?" mocked the King at Rav Yehonoson Eibshitz.

"I will show you", said the brillianat Rav Yehonoson. "Have each one of you noblemen take a single chicken and stuff it as much they could." Each one took a chicken and spent the next thirty days stuffing them trying to grow the biggest fattest chicken possible.

At the end of thirty days Rav Yehonoson asked all of them to bring their oversized chickens and place them in a close room. Once they did that Rav Yehonoson took out a small chick and placed into the room as well. Seeing all the gigantic chickens around it, Rav Yehonoson's chick scampered to hide underneath a piece of furniture where it was safely away from the view and clutches of the larger chickens.

Rav Yehonoson locked the door and kept them all there without food for three days. At the end of the three days, Rav Yehonoson placed a small dish of chicken feed in the room through a side window. Chaos broke out as the famished large chickens literally killed each other to get at the food.

When the smoke cleared all the chickens were dead of their battle wounds with the food still untouched. At that point Rav Yehonoson's little chick came out of its hiding place and helped itself to the entire plate of fresh food.