Section: Parshas HaShavua   Category: Life Lessons
Parshas Ki Savo: Ben Ish Chai - Hashem Can Solve The Greatest Business Conundrum

After the harvest, when the farmer davens for business success he stands before a great dilemma. Should he ask Hashem for rain or not. On one hand, he now has a storehouse full of grain that will become spoiled from the moisture. Moreover, he does not want the abundant rain to promote growth and flood the market with rich produce, driving down the price he can get for his crop. On the other hand, he still has a field which needs the rain for his next crop. What should he ask for?

The Ben Ish Chai says that these are human quandaries. Hashem is not bound by this double edge sword and can bestow blessing on a person from multiple angles that even contradict each other. We see this from the Bracha in the Torah (Ki Savo 28:3), where Hashem promises us, "Boruch Ata Ba'Ir Boruch Ata BaSadeh." Blessed are you both in the city where you hold your goods and want to sell it for a high price and don't want rain, as well as the field where you are eager for plentiful rain so that your field can flourish. Leave it to Hashem, and He will work out the details!