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Chodesh Av - The Instant Turnaround

Each month has a different formulation of the letter of of the Shem Havaya. The month of Av is Hey - Vuv - Yud - Hey, in which the first two letters are the last two letters of the Shem Hashem backwards but the next two letters are the first two letters of the Shem Hashem in the proper order. The pasuk that hints to us this Shem Hashem is the first letters of "Haskes U'Shma Yisroel HaYom" (Ki Savo 27:9). This is a sign that the first half of the month is Midas HaDin but the second half of the month switches to Midas HaRachamim.

This is because the first half of the month the ultimate tragedy happened to Klal Yisroel with the destruction of the Bais HaMikdash, the murder of millions, and the exile of many others. Like after every punishment administered by a loving father, as soon as the punishment is given to the stuborn child, the child capitulates and the father is overcome with mercy for his beaten son. So too after the Churban, Hashem is overcome with mercy on us, and this mercy closes out the month and leads us into Elul where we have a special longing and bond with Hashem.

As we dread going through another Tisha B'Av and yet another of Churban Bais HaMikdash, we know that this need not be the case. Moshiach can come any moment, and next week Tisha B'Av can be a great Yom Tov, the likes which have never been celebrated in history. It is up to us.

"Haskes U'Shma" these two words which represent the Midas HaDin with the Hey and Vuv backwards tell us to take heed from our suffering and learn the lesson. If we finally remove the barriers to our hearts and minds and acknowledge the truth, the Yeshua can come in an instant. "Yisroel HaYom", these two words tell us that the Shem Hashem can be easily reversed to a mode of Rachamim and we can once again become Yisroel HaYom, today without any delay. It is up to us how we will spend this years Tisha B'Av, either on the floor crying or dancing through the air.