Section: Parshas HaShavua   Category: Numbers & Letters
Parshas Maasei: Rav Moshe Singer - The Twelve Mil From Bais HaYeshimos Until Avel HaShitim

The last encampment mentioned in Parshas Masei is on the Yarden where Bnei Yisrael occupied the territory from Bais HaYeshimos until Avel HaShitim (Maasei 33:49). Rashi says that we learn from here that the encampment of Bnei Yisrael took up twelve mil. Rashi then brings the Gemara where Rabba bar bar Chana says that he saw that area and that was the distance.

However, Rashi cuts off the Gemara after Rabba bar bar Chana says that he saw the area and does not finish the Gemara. Instead Rashi says, "V'chulei", indicating that the gemara continues, but he is not quoting it. Why?

Rav Moshe Singer says that there is a remez in the letters of the pasuk that the camp was twelve mil. The first two letters of Bais HaYeshimos is Bais Yud or Yud Bais, which is twelve. The last letters of the other end point of the Machaneh, Avel HaShitim are Lamed Yud Mem, which is Mil. In the Gemara Rabba bar bar Chana actually says that the area is 3 Parsa, which is equal to 12 mil. Rashi, however, chose to call it twelve mil, in line with the remez. Therefore, in order not to confuse us, he did not bring the last words of the Gemara.