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Shabbos is a Day of Three Kinds of Rest

By Mincha on Shabbos we say that Hashem gave us Yom Menucha, a day of rest. We then go on to describe this day of rest in three ways. Menuchas Ahava U'Nedava, Menuchas Emes V'Emuna, Menuchas Shalom V'Shalva Hashket VaVetach. What does all this mean?

The Shaar Bas Rabim explains that in this world resting is usually for one of two reasons. Either because they need to relax and unwind after a period of hard work, or because their frail bodies cannot function and their rest brings on depression.

This is not the rest Hashem had in mind for Shabbos. Shabos should be a day of resting out of love for Hashem who has come to spend Shabbos with us, and not of frustration of not being able to work. We should graciously cease all weekday activity for this privilege and should "donate" extra time to Shabbos bringing it in early and leaving late. This is Ahava U'Nedava.

Shabbos needs to be a day of truthful rest without bending the rules when no one is looking (such as by doing things not appropriate and not in the spirit of Shabbos although technically not assur.) That is Emes V'Emunah.

Shabbos is a day with much free time on our hands. It should not be spent with idle chatter that will cause machlokes and is laced with negative comments about others. This is Shalom, Shalva, Hashkeit.

If we rest in this was surely our Shabbos will be a Menucha Shleima SheAta Rotzeh Ba, a day of rest that Hashem is pleased with.