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Tammuz: A Month That's Just Not Worth It

Each month has a different formulation of the letter of of the Shem Havaya. The month of Tammuz is Hey - Vuv - Hey - Yud, which the Shem Hashem completely backwards. This is a sign that the month is completely a month of Midas HaDin (unlike even Av whose second half is a time of Rachamim).

Furthermore the letters are found in the last letters of the famous words of Haman who had everything in the world but it gave him no satisfaction because Mordechai would not subjugate himself to Haman. Zeh (Hey) Einenu (Vuv) Shaveh (Hey) Li (Yud), all this is worthless to me. The Shem Hashem as Sofei Teivos instead of Roshei Teivos are another sign of Din.

Tammuz was a month set for greatness. Moshe was supposed to bring the Luchos down. The Meraglim's mission was supposed to pave the way for going into Eretz Yisroel. Instead disaster struck. It became the month of broken Luchos, the burning of the Torah, avodah zara in the Bais HaMikdash, the breaching of Yerushalayim.

Hashem unequivocally told us that he does not care how much Torah we learn, if we harbor doubts in our heart. He does not care how much chesed we do if we dislike others for trivial reasons. He does not care how much we want a Bais HaMikdash if we also want to badmouth our friends. He is ready to destroy His house, break His Luchos, burn the holy Torah, and wreak havoc on His city. Hashem cannot be fooled, tricked, or appeased. Hashem demands righteousness across the board not only for a public show. Hashem will hide His holy name and leave us to the devices of our enemies. Why because Zeh Einenu Shaveh Li, with all our great attributes and grand facade, it's just not worth it to Hashem when our foundation is crumbling. He'd rather hide.

The lesson of the month is that we cannot stay in favor by giving a little and doing great things. We must be pure inside and out backwards and forwards, and then Yismichu HaShamayim, the Heavens will rejoice as only they know what is in our heart. V'Sagel HaAretz, the land we be happy as we act properly for all to see. Only then will the Shem Havaya stand proud and herald the Geula Sheleima.