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Parshas Shlach: Kotzker Rebbe - Impressions Of Eretz Yisroel

"Uri'isem Es HaAretz Ma Hi... HaTova He Im Ra'a... HaShmeina He Im Razah" (Shlach 13:18-20). Moshe Rabeinu tells the Miraglim to look at Eretz Yisroel to see if it is good or bad, lush or barren. Did Moshe Rabbeinu have any doubts about the great land that Hashem promised?

The Kotzker Rebbe says that the pasuk shoul be read as follows. If upon first glance the land appears bad, please come back and report "HaTovah He" that it is really good. If it appears barren, please come back and say it is lush.

Why? The pasuk explains "ViHischazktem U'Likachtem MPri HaAretz" you must strengthen yourself with emuna and only then enjoy the fruits of the land, because Eretz Yisroel cannot be judged with a quick first impression. But sadly the miraglim did not do that and took their shallow impressions, bereft of any emuna, straight to the hysterical masses.