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Pitum HaKitores: Imrei Emes of Ger - Some Things Smell Better Than A Good Smell

When the Imrei Emes was crowned the new Rebbe of Ger he took a stand against the tendency for the Chassidim to daven very late even past Zman Tefila. He made a takana that davening must only be done during zman tefila in all the Gerrer Shteiblach.

One of the sincere chasidim cried to the Rebbe that he cannot perform his extensive predavening preparations with this new takana and his davening is now lacking its true flavor.

The Rebbe answered that in Pitum HaKitores it says that has they added even a tiny amount of honey to the mixture of kitores the smell would be too great for a human. If so asks the braisa then why don't we mix it in? It answers because the Torah forbid honey to be brought up to Hashem.

The lesson is that it is not in our jurisdiction to figure out the best way to serve Hashem outside of the boundaries of the Torah. Hashem runs the world and He knows what He wants and what is best for us. Elevating our service against the dictates of the Torah always smells foul, no matter how good it seems to smell.