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Megilas Rus: Chasam Sofer - Leaders To Criticize But Not To Follow

The story of Rus starts anonymously stating Vayeilech Ish MiBais Lechem Yehuda, without giving his name. Only later after he arrives in Moav does the pasuk tell us that his name was Elimelech and his wife was Na'ami. Why not tell us right away?

The Chasam Sofer explains that the gemara says that it was a generation who had absolutely no respect for their leaders. Elimelech was a great tzaddik and so was his wife Na'ami. Yet no one followed their righteous example or paid any heed to their words. Their departure was a non-event as no one cared or noticed.

Yet as with all bad people, they never cease to take advantage of good gossip and create a Chilul Hashem. The moment these great tzaddikim arrived in Moav they became the talk of Eretz Yisroel. They went from beiing Ish M'Bais Lechem Yehuda to real personalities by the names of Elimelech, Na'ami, Machlon, and Kilyon. These are tzaddikim, the people complained. How dare they leave their flock behind to die in hunger!