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Chodesh Iyar - The Truth After The Fun

Nisan is month of Chesed. It is a month of Geula, both in the days of Mitzrayim and soon in our day as well. We openly witness Hashem's kindness and generosity. With Yetzias Mitzrayim we ended our suffering, gained our freedom, saw the complete destruction of our enemies, and ended up with incredible wealth. Why? Why were we so fortunate? Was it our good deeds? Hardly. Was this victory the ultimate goal? We may have thought so but we were wrong.

Shavuos is the day of Matan Torah and the reason for all of our turbulent history, both the up and the down. It was not about revenge or victory. It was not about wealth or freedom. It is about recognizing Hashem and bringing the world to its goal.

While this lesson is started in the middle of Nissan and completed in the beginning of Sivan, all thirty days of Iyar are devoted to understanding this idea. Iyar is the month the Bnei Yisroel looked at their freedom, they looked at their riches, and asked themselves what is this all for? What is the purpose. They had already gotten a taste of Torah in Marah while being commanded to keep Shabbos, Parah Adumah, and Dinim. During Iyar their eyes were opened to the bigger picture, the picture of a world where the only thing that counts is the knowledge of Hashem.

The Tziruf for the Osios of the Shem Hashem in Iyar is Yud, Hey, Hey, Vuv. This is the Roshei Teivos of the words of the Navi Yirmiya (9:22) YisHallel HamisHalla Hashkel VYado'a. The Navi tells us that a wise, strong, or wealthy person should not be proud of the gift given to him. The only thing a person should take pride in is his knowledge and closeness to Hashem. This is the month of Iyar.