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The Imrei Emes - Kibud Av Wins Over The Mah Nishatana

In days gone by the Mah Nistana was a much more innocent affair. Kids were not taught the Mah Nishtana in school, but rather it was up to the kid to notice strange things going on at the Seder and asking on his own volition.

On Seder night when the Imrei Emes was a little boy, his father the Sfas Emes of Gur started his Seder and waited expectantly for his yound son to start inquiring about odd happenings. The Imrei Emes sat quietly without the slightest hint of a puzzled look on his face. The Sfas Emes started to do more strange things in order to get the boy to ask, but to no avail. He even started to move things on and off the table, turn the talbe over, and other wild antics just to break the boy's calm demeanor, bu nothing would make the Imrei Emes flinch.

Finally the Sfas Emes asked his son if he noticed anything different about that night's meal. The Imrei Emes said that of course he did. Then why, asked the Sfas Emes, di you not seem alarmed and ask any questions?

The little boy answered with pure innocence, because I know my father is a smart man and whatever he does he has a very good reason for doing. That is why I am not the slightest bit disturbed.