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Parshas Shmini: Rebbi Akiva Eiger - Between A Successful & Unsuccessful Pregnacy

The Mishna in Yuma says that a pregnant woman who smell food on Yom Kippur and gets a craving, may eat as much as she needs to calm herself down so as not to harm the baby. The Gemara tells a story of two pregnant women who had cravings on Yom Kippur from the smell of food. They whispered into each woman's ear that it is Yom Kippur. One baby calmed down, and the mother didn't eat anything. That baby turned out to be the great Amora, Rebbi Yochanan. The other baby did not relax until the mother ate. He turned out to be the infamous Rasha, Shabttai Otzar Peiros.

Rebbi Akiva Eiger (see Iturei Torah) says that there is a Remez to this in the pasuk (Shmini 11:47). "L'Havdil Bain HaTamei U'Bain HaTahor; We can distinguish between the pure and impure." How? The pasuk continues, "U'Bain HaChaya HaNecheles U'Bain HaChaya Asher Lo Tochel." Although this literally means between the animals you may eat or not eat, Chaya also means a woman who gives birth. The Tumah or Tahara of the child can be distinguished by their pregnant mothers, and if they ate or not.