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Rav Chaim Ben Betzalel - Selling Your Soul To The Satan

In the Sefer HaChaim the brother of the Maharal MiPrague writes that Hashem only does a Nes with a person smart enough to recognize the Nes and thank Hashem for it. It is for this reason that we haven't witnessed many supernatural Nissim in this galus.

If so he asks, how can it be that we see completely foolish people who do not recognize Hashem and are successful but when they embark on the path of Tshuva suddenly their fortunes take a turn for the worse?

He answers with a Mashal. There was a beggar in town who was an absolute fool. The king's men brought him to the king's court to entertain themselves with him at his expense. Being that he lived at the palace this beggar ate from the king's food and always had much more than he needed.

At some point he came back to his senses and stopped acting like a fool. For this he was beaten mercilessly by the king's men and he was summarily sent from the palace and returned to a life of poverty and homelessness, always begging for his next meal. Until now this man's foolishness was the source of his good fortune and the returning of his senses was his great downfall.

Similarly a Rasha is the source of entertainment for the Satan and his army. They enjoy a person's wickedness and encourage him to continue, while all his needs are cared for. As soon as he smartens up and wakes up to tshuva, refusing to fill the desires of the Satan, he is mercilessly beaten by the Satan and cast out of his comfortable surroundings.

This is what the gemara says (Megila 6b), that a tzaddik should not get in the way of a Rasha SheHashaa "MiSachekes" Lo, a wicked person with who, the time is "playing". This playing can be taken quite literally says the Sefer HaChaim. All his good fortune is just for the pleasure of the Satan, who sponsors him and keeps him out of harm's way. It's not easy to break away, but then again do you want to remain the Satan's fool for eternity?