Section: Parshas HaShavua   Category: Quick Vort
Parshas Vayikra: Chiddushei HaRim - The Sweet Smell Of A Korban

By the Korbanos it often says, "Reiach Nichoach Lashem; A sweet fragrance to Hashem." What smells so good to Hashem? Is it the burning meat? Not likely. If it is a Mashal, what is it a Mashal to?

The Chidushei HaRim says that the smell of something always tells you that it is there or is coming but is not quite there just yet. You still cannot see it, but its fragrance tells you that very soon you will see it. The Korban is a turning point in a person's ways. He has accepted upon himself to do tshuva and wants genuine change.

When we bring a Korban, Hashem smells the bright future. A future devoid of Chait and full of sweet smelling mitzvos. The person has not yet left the Bais HaMikdash and gone back to real life where he will once again be tested, but Hashem can already smell the forthcoming change in the air.