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Parshas Shekalim: Shem MiShmuel - Fiery Money To Ward Off Haman

The Gemara in Megila tells us that Hashem knew that in the future Haman would buy the destruction of Klal Yisroel with Shekalim, so Hashem gave us a Mitzva of Machatzis HaShekel to have a Zchus to save us from our doom.

The Shem MiShmuel says that Chazal says Hashem showed Moshe Rabbeinu a coin of fire and told him, "like this they should give". What does this mean? He explains thay Kesef is like the word Nichsaf to love and desire. The Matbei'a of Aish that Hashem showed Moshe, taught us that our love for Hashem should be fiery with passion.

On the other hand Amaleik's whole philosophy is "Asher Karcha BaDerech". They don't try to win over Klal Yisroel because they know they cannot do so, but they try to cool us off. This was the argument of Amaleik's wicked descendant Haman, when he told Achashveirosh "Yeshno Min HaMitzvos", he need not fear the Jews for their Mitzvos lack freshness and feeling. However it is our love of fire that Hashem showed Moshe that stands in our good stead and protects us from Haman.