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Parshas Pikudei: Chida - Adding Some Missing Life To The Work Of The Mishkan

"Vayar Moshe Es Kol HaMilacha V'Hinei Asu Osah Kaasher Tziva Hashem Kein Asu Osah; Moshe saw all the work and behold they did it, just like Hashem commanded they did it.' (Pikudei 39:43) Why does the pasuk repeat that they "did" it twice?

The next words of the pasuk says, "Vayivarech Osam Moshe." Rashi says the bracha was, "Yehi Ratzon Shetishreh Shechina B'Maaseh Yideichem," and also, "Vihi Noam Hashem... U'Maaseh Yadeinu Konineihu." The Chida says that a complete mitzva consist of an action, words, and thoughts. If one of htem is missing the mitzva is not complete.

Moshe Rabbeinu saw that while the work was performed to perfection from the physical standpoint, some of the Yidden were not perfect in their thoughts while working on the Mishkan. "ViHinei Asu Osah," Moshe saw that the Asiya, the actions were perfect. "Kaasher Tziva Hashem Kein Asu Osah." the Asiya was exactly to specification.

This meant that the mishkan was not complete. Moshe Rabbeinu davened to Hashem that even though they lacked the perfect Kavana, still Hashem should rest His Shechina, "B'Maasei Yideichen," in the actions which were complete. "U''Maaseh Yadeinu Konineihu," the Maasim should be attributed with the proper Kavana.