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Rav Chaim Ben Betzalel - Why We Need To Help The Cursed

A person's poverty is from Hashem. How dare we then go and giver that person money? Isn't that going directly against Hashem? This was the attitude of the people of Sidom says the Sefer HaChaim (Parnassa V'Chalkala 6). Only they could have had such warped logic, and they were amply punished for it.

But what is the answer to their seemingly legintimate question? The Sefer HaChaim explains with a Mashal. When child misbehaves his father needs to teach him a lesson. He gives him a severe punishment which he hope will send a loud and clear message which will rectify his behavior. While the child suffers with his punishment the father watches and his heart breaks, but he knows if he caves in, the lesson will be lost.

Yet the father can't watch his own child suffer, so what does he do? There is no doubt that the father hopes someone else will come and take the child out of his suffering. This will serve everyone's purpose and surely the father will repay the savior in abundance.

Hashem inflicts poverty on people for various reasons not necessarily as a punishment but out of love to strengthen a person. However Hashem's suffers heartbreak kviyachol together with the poor person. Hashem cannot relieve his pain or the purpose will be defeated. Hashem wants us to end the misery of the poor man and Hashem will pay us handsomely for our kindness to his beloved suffering child. To bad the people in Sidom couldn't figure this out.