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Megilas Esther: Chidushei HaRim - How Rebbi Akiva's Lesson Woke Up His Talmidim

The Medrash (Parshas Noach) says that Rebbi AKiva was giving a shiur and he saw his talmidim dozing off. He wanted to wake them up son he asked them why was Esther zocheh to rule over 127 countries? He answered because she was a descendent of Sara who live 127 years. Why did Rebbi Akiva tell them this medrash to wake them up? What was the message he was giving them?

The Chiddushei HaRim answers that if each country was given for one year of Sara's life, then each city was for a week of Sara's tzidkus, and each whole village which itself was worth huge amounts of money was a reward for each hour of Sara's service.

If Esther became queen on 127 complete countries then it is clear that Sara did not even waste a moment of her time. When Rebbi Akiva saw his talmidim dreaming away the time, he taught them a lesson of how valuable each moment was, which brought them back immediately.