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Baal HaTanya - Good To The Last Salty Drop!

The wife of Rav Yaakov Slonim was Noheg to give out every last morsel of Shabbos food on Shabbos so that nothing should go to waste. She said she did this because she had a Kabala from Rav Shneur Zalman of Liadi the Ba'al HaTanya of which the following story is told.

A guest once ate by the home ofthe Ba'al HaTanya Friday night. When the soup was brought to the table he tasted it but found it excessively salty to the point where he could not eat it.

The Ba'al HaTanya was lost in enraptured in his holy thoughts and was totally unaware of what was happening at the table. Suddenly in a moment of earthliness the Ba'al HaTanya noticed that the guest was not eating his soup. The Ba'al HaTanya ask him why he wasn't eating but before he was able to answer the Ba'al HaTanya threw a hefty helping of salt into the man's soup and went back to his otherworldly thoughts.

This scene repeated itself three times, until after the third time the guest finally said to the Ba'al HaTanya that his soup was much too salty. Upon hearing that the Ba'al HaTanya took his spoon and ate the guests soup to the last drop. He then said that we cannot find criticism in Shabbos food. No Shabbos food can harm a person's health and it is forbidden to ever throw out any Shabbos food.

This is the lesson that Rebbetzin Slonim learned very well!