Section: Parshas HaShavua   Category: Life Lessons
Parshas Ki Sisa: Chait HaEigel - Was Moshe Not Getting It?

While Moshe was in Shamayim, Hashem tells Moshe to go down because Bnei Yisrael did a terrible Chait and made the Eigel. Moshe, on the spot, davened to Hashem to forgive them. Then Moshe takes the Luchos down, meets Yehoshua, and together they try to discern the noises coming from the camp. When they approach the camp Moshe sees what's going on, becomes furious, and breaks the Luchos. Didn't he know all this before when he davened to Hashem to forgive them? Why now did he get angry and break the Luchos?

The Baalei Mussar explain that humans can err. As soon as Moshe heard about the Eigel from Hashem, he understood they made a tragic mistake which could cost them their existence. There were circumstances to explain it, and Moshe begged for Rachmanus.

When Moshe approached the camp and appeared with the Luchos, he expected everybody to realize their grave error, since he was alive and well and had the Luchos with him. They can then throw away the Eigel and return. Their utter shame would serve as a kapara. He expected as he approached to hear sounds of wailing and sadness. But, this is not what he heard and not what he saw. The people were so busy dancing and singing with their new golden eigel, that they didn't even notice him, and he couldn't get their attention. They simply weren't interested. No shame, no regret? This was an unforgiveable sin, and for that Moshe broke the Luchos?