Section:  Avodah   Category: Olam HaTorah
Parshas Truma: Ksav Sofer - The Aron & The Menora, Two Kinds Of Learners

The Shulchan with its bread represents wealth, and the Menora and its lights represent the light of Torah. The Ksav Sofer says in the name of his father who brought it from an early peirush, that the Shulchan is written in the Parsha before the Menora because the supporters of Torah need to come first to pave the way and finance Torah. Yisachar cannot learn without Zevulun's support.This is why the Torah mentions Zevulun the businessman before his brother Yisachar the learner.

If so asks the Ksav Sofer why is the Aron written first? It too represents Torah so shouldn't it be preceded by the Shulchan? He answers that there are two kinds of learners. One can only learn if he receives proper financial support but the other learns whether he has support or not. An example of the latter is Rebbi Chanina ben Dosa who was penniless yet his Torah sustained the whole world.

This kind of Talmid Chochom is like the Aron. He has the Luchos inside of him and sits alone in the Kodesh Kodashim, receiving nothing from anyone but radiating goodness onto the world with his Torah. The Menorah is also a Talmid Chochom but he needs support to learn. He come only after the Shulchan. While he too is Kadosh and has a coveted place inside the Mishkan, still he has not reached the glorious status of the Aron which lies in the Kodesh HaKodahsim and lives only with Hashem.