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Shvat - Change All You Wish, But You'll Find A Surprise

In each month of the year the four letter name of Hashem has a different order that has meaning Al Pi Kabbalah. Many sidurim print these orders in Musaf of Rosh Chodesh. Each one also has a pasuk whose Roshei Teivos spell out that months order. When the order is backwards or the name is hinted in Sofei Teivos instead of Roshei Teivos, something is amiss during that month.

While it is hard to understand the meaning of these names on the face of it, the tziruf of the month of Shvat seems to have a very understandable meaning. The tziruf of Shvat is Hey - Yud and then Vuv - Hey. The pasuk is from the parsha of Tmura (Bichukosai 27:33), the second to last pasuk in Sefer VaYikra "Hamer Yimirenu V'Haya Hu", switch it and it will still remain. Tmura is when you attempt to transfer the Kedusha of an animal that is designated for the mizbei'ach on to another animal. While the second animal becomes Kadosh, the first one remains so as well.

Similarly with Hashem. Often we try to transfer the power from Hashem to another source that we count on to deliver our wishes.  Be it another person, our own ingenuity, nature, or past experience. Yet no matter what we do to exchange Hashem, the pasuk reminds us, "V'Haya Hu", whatever happens it still comes from Hashem, who cannot be replaced.

Interestingly the name of Hashem in Shvat has the first two letter reversed (Hey - Yud), as in "Hamer Yimirenu", or try to exchange Hashem. But the last two letters still remain the same and in the correct order (Vuv - Hey) as in V'Haya Hu, it remains Him.

We can try to outsmart and outrun Hashem, but no matter how far we run we will always arrive at the same destination, Ratzon Hashem.